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GBE 24/6®

Ginkgo biloba ext., NLT 24% ginkgoflavoneglycosides, NLT 6% terpene lactones

Ginkgo Complete

Full spectrum liquid ginkgo biloba w/ 6 active bioflavones + ginkgoflavoneglycosides + terpene lactones


Banaba leaf extract, 1%, 3% or 18% corosolic acid


Grape seed extract, NLT 95% flavonol content


Gymnema sylvestre plant extract, NLT 25% gymnemic acid

LoquoroTM (wgt mgt)

Loquat leaf extract, corosolic acid

PosinolTM (mental health)

Apocynum venetum L., 4% of the flavonoid glycosides, isoquercitrin and hyperoside

Saw Palmetto Oil 85%

VMA 25+®

Bilberry extract, NLT 25% anthocyanins

Viscerol AI

Patent-protected blend of White Mulberry, Lemon Balm, and Yin-Chen Wormwood extracts